Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and waste water services provider with over 14 million customers, and we make the following commitment to them:

“To provide the essential service that’s at the heart of daily life, health and enjoyment, and to do it in the most sustainable way”

In 2012 Thames Water approached Harvey Water Softeners looking for a water softener manufacturer whose reputation and practices reflected their own high standards.

As the leading manufacturer in the UK, we have been supplying our hand-built water softeners to Thames Water customers for over 30 years now, and with quality of service and product combined at the heart of our business, we were the obvious choice.

The partnership is in place to promote water and energy efficiency for Thames Water customers, so the energy saving benefits a water softener brings make it the ideal product for such a venture.

You can find out more information on Thames Water here: Thames Water website.

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