Bigger bubble baths

  • Products lather better
  • Less scum means more bubbles
  • Use fewer products and save money

With softened water, all products will lather better, which results in glorious bubbles from your basin to your bubble bath. Enjoy even more bubbles, with even less product.

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Those bubbles you see in the adverts seem impossible to achieve. Are you forever pouring bubble bath into the running tap and not getting anywhere close?

Whether you want to relax with candles or give the kids some bubbles to bathe in, no amount of product will give you the lather you desire in hard water. The minerals just don’t lend themselves to creating beautiful bubbles.

Harvey Water will give you bountiful bubbles to play with, experience an endless supply in your bath, washing up bowl and sink. Softened water doesn’t have the minerals that reduce lather, so you are left with lovely light soapy bubbles and you will use even less product, so make those baths more than just a treat.

bigger bubbles

“Water is softer and kids are enjoying more bath time with their bubbly baths.”

Munnu123, Review Centre

The 7 Wonders of Harvey Water™


Softened water provides so many benefits to your home and family, from a shiny kitchen and bathroom to softer skin and hair.