Agency creates billboard that makes drinking water for Peruvian locals

A new advertising billboard has been created by the University of Engineering and Technology in Peru designed to make drinking water from the humid Peruvian air. Access to drinking water is and remains an issue for the inhabitants of capital city Lima, located in the desert. Over a million have no access to running water and are reliant upon private companies to supply them with water.

Due to climate change, the city’s primary drinking water sources – runoff from glaciers and drainage from the Andes are both under threat. Many people are forced to draw water from wells that are polluted, putting lives at risk from contaminated water.

The atmospheric humidity is as high as 88%, which presents an opportunity to make use of the moisture contained in the local air as an alternative source. The billboard built by the university fills 20 litre tanks and has produced 9450 litres of drinking water in just 3 months. Based on average drinking water consumptions at 2 litres per day, that would be enough to have kept 53 adults hydrated throughout that time.

The billboard works by condensing air and running it through a series of filtration and reverse osmosis systems ensuring that clean drinking water is produced.

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