The Airbnb profit report: what’s the best way to make money?

Airbnb has become a core part of travelling in today’s lifestyle. Wherever you are in the world, there is always an Airbnb available. European weekend breaks, inner city business meetings or even a worldwide trip: there will be Airbnb waiting for you.

In many ways it’s opened up the hospitality industry, both as a customer but also as a provider. People’s spare rooms are suddenly becoming holiday lettings, and the everyday person is now a landlord.

With that in mind, we wanted to know what are the factors that are influencing the price of each Airbnb.

We’ve analysed every single Airbnb property currently available in the UK to find out what increases the average nightly value of a spare bedroom. You can view and download the full findings in our report here.

With this information, we can look at what’s the best way to make the most profit from your Airbnb.

How did we work this out?

We took the average nightly value of UK properties on Airbnb and then analysed the increases and decreases to this number dependent on a variety of factors. Each facility, amenity and house rule was examined to discover just how much each component affected an Airbnb host’s earnings. This was all measured against the average nightly value of a UK Airbnb property which sat at £71 at the time of research (October 2018).

Harvey Water Softeners is dedicated to improving the lives of UK homeowners through research and product innovation, especially through water softening technology. The UK Airbnb report is intended to help UK homeowners make more money from their spare bedrooms, holiday homes and secondary properties.