Batelle study proves water softener benefits

At Harvey Water Softeners, we describe the benefits of water softeners in detail. Water softeners pay for themselves from simple improvements in efficiency. Your boiler will perform optimally and less consumables such as cleaning products get used up.


What if I was to tell you that the longevity of your appliances could significantly improve – as well as their efficiency?

The Batelle study is available on the Water Quality Association website.

It involved the testing of:

  • 10 gas storage heaters
  • 10 gas instantaneous water heaters
  • 10 electric storage heaters
  • 10 low flow shower heads
  • 10 faucets
  • 6 dishwashers
  • 6 washing machines

Half were tested in hard water conditions, half using water softeners. The trial was designed to simulate 15 years of standard operation using acceleration factors.

The results:

Softened Water

All of the water heaters on softened water maintained their original efficiency throughout the testing. All shower heads, faucets, dishwashers and washing machines also remained clean throughout the testing period.

Hard Water

The gas instantaneous boilers dropped in efficiency by 8% in just 1.6 simulated years and had to be descaled to maintain flow. Softener payback time in this case was calculated to be just 1 year due to descaling costs. Gas storage dropped by 3% in 2 years and it was estimated they would drop 14% (70% down to 56% over 10 years.

The electric storage heater maintained efficiency since their elements are totally submerged, meaning scale fell to the bottom of the tank. The amount of scale formed was nearly double that of the storage heater, which would likely result in premature element failure.

Shower heads to the point of being nearly unusable in the equivalent of 16 months. Faucets dropped after 19 days of testing. Dishwasher and washing machines were fouled.

All appliances were visually fouled.

The WQA is now pursuing Energy Star markings for softeners and have named water softeners as “one of the best energy saving devices you can buy.”

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