Bathroom trends

At Harvey Water Softeners, we help the bathrooms of the UK to stay sparkling clean with our range of products, created to combat the nasty effects of hard water, like the dreaded bathroom limescale. It can build up quickly and ruin any cleaning and design efforts you’ve made on your home, especially a freshly designed bathroom. It’s just one of the reasons we created our water softener!

Recently, Instagram has seen a boom in interior design and cleaning content, with people sharing their homes online more and more. Homeowners are creating some of the most elegant and beautiful bathrooms yet, and we wanted to see what makes up the perfect Instagrammable bathroom suite.

We took to Instagram to discover what people are using as inspiration for decorating their own bathroom. Our team conducted the research by analysing the top Instagram posts for five of the top bathroom interior hashtags, which were:

  • #bathroomdesign
  • #bathroominspo
  • #bathroomgoals
  • #bathroomdecor
  • #bathroomideas

We analysed the number of items and features which appeared frequently in these hashtags. We also recorded the number of likes for each post, so that we could take the average likes for each item to see what people love around the world.

The top 20 bathroom design trends, in order of frequency in top posts, were found to be the following:

  • Geometric tiles (4,668)
  • Boho rugs (3,638)
  • Gold-framed mirrors (3,205)
  • Black shower door (3,190)
  • Marble sink basin (3,125)
  • Dual sinks/his and her sinks (3,107)
  • Gold taps (2,951)
  • Pure white tiles (2,870 likes)
  • Woven baskets (2,841)
  • Circular mirrors (2,565)
  • Rainfall showers (2,547)
  • Floating sinks (2,369)
  • Black taps (2,361)
  • In-shower recessed shelves (2,336)
  • Freestanding oval bath (2,138)
  • Devils Ivy hanging plant (2,029)
  • Black-framed mirrors (2,023)
  • Rustic pine shelves (1,838)
  • Silver taps (1,548)
  • Black towel rail (1,244)

The general theme here appears to revolve around clean white or black lines and indulging in luxuries like dual sinks and freestanding baths. Everyone deserves a deluxe bath time!

We know these high-price items are extremely desirable but they can cause a bathroom refit to be quite expensive. That’s where a water softener can help to ensure your suite stays fresh by removing limescale and reducing any scum left from hard water minerals. To find out more, take a look at how a water softener can help reduce frustrations and keep bathrooms clean.

To learn more about these Instagrammable bathroom features, we asked Naomi Nunn, an interior designer from, to discuss the results of our research. Pure white tiles were the feature most commonly found within the top posts and this shocked Naomi: “I’m a bit surprised by this one, as more and more people are embracing colour in the bathroom. But white tiles are always a good base, as you can paint the walls bright and if you get sick of the colour you can repaint.”

However, white tiles did not receive the most likes out of the top twenty trends. Geometric tiles instead came out on top as the most liked bathroom feature, receiving an average of 4,668 likes from the top posts, compared to 2,870 likes for white tiles. Naomi has noticed an increase in this design trend herself:

“Geometric tiles in the simplest style were massive, but I’ve noticed more detailed and even imperfect geometrics becoming popular. There’s still space for the simple hexagon and lily-pad tiles for a while, but the introduction of colours and patterns used asymmetrically is increasing and can create more of a journey through an interior for the viewer.”

With the rise of the ‘shelfie’, in which bloggers post pictures of their beauty products on their bathroom shelf, it is no surprise that recessed shelves have become popular. Naomi loves the idea as they look great and “help you avoid the dreaded plastic or metal shower caddies!” It is clear that a minimalistic and luxurious look has become a top trend.

The results also showed that we love a freestanding oval bathtub, however, Naomi believes that this is a luxury item which is likely on a lot of our wishlists. This is due to a lack of space and the expense of having one fitted. Other similar items include his and hers sinks and marble sink basins. These give an expensive feel to a bathroom and come at a premium of space and money.

We know these desired bathroom items can be a pain to clean – no one wants to spend too long cleaning those tough stains off a beautiful freestanding bath. Water softeners stop limescale buildup, reducing cleaning time and cleaning product expenses. For more tips around the home check out our cleaning hacks blog.

There are however some cheaper elements on the list, which you could easily incorporate into your own bathroom if you’re looking for low-cost luxury. Devils Ivy hanging plants can be hung from the ceiling or draped from shelves. According to Naomi, bringing greenery into the home is still huge in the interiors world, especially for those living in urban areas.

Boho rugs and woven baskets are “the perfect way to make your bathroom a cosy and comfortable environment”, says Naomi. These items are easy to find on the high street and quickly add personality to a space, which is great for those who are renting.

Another lower-cost method to make your bathroom feel more luxurious is to change the metalwork (taps, plugs etc.) and accessories to black. Black taps, mirrors, shower doors and towel rails were all in the top twenty, and it’s looking like this trend is here to stay. Naomi described the popularity of the black bathroom elements at Soak, too and they’ve seen a huge increase in sales to reflect this.

One thing to be wary with black bathroom elements is the cleaning effort required. We see customers all the time struggle to keep limescale and grime from showing on these beautiful pieces, so be prepared to get the marigolds out!

What are your thoughts on the latest bathroom trends? Would you consider adding any of these elements to your bathroom? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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