Best Way To Cook Your Veg

We all know how important getting our fruit and vegetables into our diet is. But do you know the best way to cook your vegetables to get the best out of them? Here are our top tips:

Roasting –
If you find the taste of vegetables bland, then roasting them brings out the flavour more. They’ll taste delicious and still provide all the nutrients. 

Steaming –
Steaming vegetables is one of the best methods to preserve the nutrients. You also don’t need to add an extra oil for cooking, keeping them super healthy. It’s also a quick solution for your hungry family! 

Stir Frying – 
This is a super quick way to cook your veg. You can also add lots of different veg to make up your stir fry giving you a healthy and colourful meal. 

Cooking in softened water –
Softened water is free from minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This means if you cook your veg in softened water it helps keep the taste and texture as the minerals aren’t present. And cooking time can be quicker!

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