Britain’s Biggest Questions in 2018

Here at Harvey, it’s no surprise that we love Britain. As a British manufacturer, our entire company revolves around the UK and its values. We’re not only invested in Britain as an economy, but we’re interested in the eclectic and ever-evolving culture, as it sits at the heart of everything we do.

What a busy year 2018 has been for Britain! As it draws to a close, we are more interested than ever to find out the biggest topics, the hottest discussion points, and the latest trends that have happened in the UK over the last year. What’s been talked about most in 2018? Of course, it’s really the people that make up the intricacies of a culture, so the best way to analyse anything is by looking at the habits and behaviours of the British public. And what better way to know what’s been talked about than to look at the questions you fellow Brits have been asking over the last year.

We conducted a heap of research into the most popular questions that were asked during the year of 2018 from the wonderful British public. To do this, we looked at search volume online to give us an insight into the British way of thinking.

Take a look at our data below to discover the hottest topics and Brits’ biggest questions in 2018.

The World Cup

Arguably the event of the Summer. Even if you didn’t watch it yourself, you’ll know when it was on due to the neighbour’s roars and cheers when England somehow won on penalties.

Let’s see what we wanted to know about the World Cup.

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
Nigerian football kit 14,800
Is it coming home? 22,100
Robbie Williams world cup 60,500

Turns out more of us were interested in Robbie’s antics than whether it was coming home or not. We all know how that final game against Croatia went anyway.

The heatwave

In typical British style, there was a severity in weather in 2018 that came with some of the hottest days on record. We complain about the heat, we moan about the cold, we’re just not pleased by the weather whatever happens. But 2018’s heatwave was certainly one to remember.

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
Hottest day in the UK 22,200
When will the heatwave end? 60,500
UK heatwave 135,00

It seems like a lot of us got fed up of the constant need for fans and aircon. Let’s face it we’re just not made for extreme weather of anytime, much like the snow of March 2018.

Spring snow

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
How to get rid of snow? 480
When will the snow end? 720

Whilst the number of people asking this was much smaller, it was still a crazy time for Brits to be shovelling snow from our drives when we would usually be thinking about Springtime picnics and walks in the park. Let’s hope the white stuff stays in the Winter this year!

The Royal Wedding

Meghan and Harry. We all love them and it was a monumentus occasion bringing sunshine and joy to everyone’s May this year. What did we want to know about the pair?

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
How much did the royal wedding cost? 18,100
Is Meghan Markle pregnant? 18,100
Who is Meghan Markle? 22,200
Royal family tree 40,500

Unless you were a fan of the USA TV series Suits, you may not have ever heard about Megan before Harry became intertwined so it’s only right we wanted to know who would be making our Harry happy. On top of that, she later became pregnant so we had to know more there didn’t we!

Injured Big Ben

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
What happened to Big Ben? 110
Big ben scaffolding 18,100

Shocked onlookers would have seen our famous landmark under construction for some time this year. The sad news is it’s going to take until 2021 until the scaffolding comes down, good luck, Ben!


We’ll make this one quick, no one wants to hear about GDPR anymore.

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
Will GDPR affect me? 90
What does GDPR mean for me? 1,900
What is GDPR? 74,000

I’m not sure anyone other than GDPR and data security experts could accurately answer any of those. All we know is there are now many more boxes to tick online. Next!

Fortnite dancing

If you’re a parent or around young people, you will be aware of Fortnite. The game that swept the nation of kids (and adults who are kids at heart) and has many people doing crazy dances out in public.

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
Fortnite dance tutorials 170
How to do Fortnite dances? 720
How to floss? 14,800
Fortnite dances 90,500

How good are you at flossing? Hopefully you’ve got the dental kind down to a tee by now, but the dancing variant is much, much harder.

Spice girls

A very recent bit of news brought out our inner Scary Spice as the famous girl band announced a comeback tour.

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
Which Spice Girl are you? 720
Spice Girls tour dates 4,400

According to the numbers, we’re far more interested in many other topics than a Spice Girls reunion tour. That won’t stop us from us from going to see them, though will it?

Great British Bake Off

We couldn’t analyse Britain’s hottest topics of 2018 without looking at the nation’s favourite baking TV show, now could we? The Great British Bake Off makes us crave sweet and savoury goods alike every single year, but what were we most intrigued by?

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
Who are the Great British Bake Off presenters? 3,300
Ruby bake off 60,500
Kim-joy bake off 74,00
Rahul bake off 90,500

As always, we’re more intrigued about the people than we are the cakes themselves, with winner, Rahul, taking the top spot over the other two finalists.


If you’re now thinking about cake, you’re probably wanting a cup of tea too. What do us Brits want to know about our favourite drink though?

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
How tea is grown 390
Are tea bags compostable 720
Which tea is good for a cold 1,300
Which tea has the most caffeine 1,300
Is tea good for you 2,900
Weight loss tea 4,400

Baby Shark

If you were on any form of social media this autumn, you would have seen the Baby Shark song. This may have, in fact, happened more than once if you have children. If it’s in your head now we can only apologise.

What did we want to know? How many people were asking this? 
Where did Baby Shark come from? 880
Baby Shark lyrics 18,100
Baby Shark 1,000,000

This song has swept our nation, with 80% of the lyrics “do-do-do-do-do-do” we do wonder why so many Brits needed to count how many!

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