Choosing an efficient washing machine

We all want to get the most out of our washing machines and dishwashers – especially as they’re often an expensive addition to the home. Of course, if you’re using a water softener you’re already getting more use out of your appliances as scale build-up causes them to wear out faster, but choosing the right model also goes a long way to a more energy-efficient – and ultimately less expensive – household!

Next time you’re shopping for a new dishwasher or washing machine, bear these things in mind:

Load capacity

More is less when it comes to load capacity – more capacity means less energy used! Today’s washing machines have load capacities that go up to 11kg, which can seriously cut down on the number of washes you need to do. Not only does this mean you spend less time loading and unloading clothes, but your machine will use less water and less energy overall.

Spin speed

Higher spin speeds also help you to use less energy, as the clothes will be drier when they come out – so they don’t need so long in those power-hungry tumble dryers. Most washers with high spin speeds contain special programmes for delicates, so you don’t need to worry about your clothes getting damaged! Look out for special eco-friendly cycles too – these are great for freshening up lightly soiled clothes while saving energy.

Energy label

Of course, the washing machine’s energy rating will tell you a lot about how efficient it is. Unlike many other products, washing machines are rated from A+++ to D (rather than A to G) because the all-round efficiency of washing machines has improved so much. Some sellers label washing machines as “A++++” or more – this isn’t an official rating, but it’s used to claim that a product uses even less energy than the top-rated ones.

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