FAQs Categories: 3 month trial

What is the 3 month trial?

You can try a Harvey Water Softener™ for 3 months and experience the full benefits of softened water. During the trial, you will pay a monthly rental payment. If you are happy with the results, you don’t need to do anything, we will automatically switch you onto your chosen payment method. If for any reason

How does the 3 month trial work?

Your water softener will be installed on a date that is convenient to you and your trial will begin on that day. You will have already decided what payment plan you would like to go ahead with (this will be discussed with you during your demonstration). You can then start enjoying the wonderful benefits of

What happens when the 3 months is up?

You will be put onto an automatic payment plan that you sign up for during your demonstration appointment. Please remember what option you have signed up for and let us know if you decide to change your plan or have the water softener removed. You’ll need to let us know about any changes before the