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How much does a Harvey Water Softener™ cost?

How much does a water softener cost? The price of a water softener can vary depending upon a lot of factors, such as the plumbing system in your home and how many people are in the household. Anyone that offers a one-off price without assessing the situation first will not be providing a thorough enough

Why is a Harvey Water Softener™ better than an alternative product?

Some of our customers have come across seemingly cheaper alternatives to water softeners. The reality is that these devices simply do not work. Please see our alternative products section for more information or book a demonstration so that one of our representatives can explain this in more detail.

Are there any downsides to water softeners?

No. Everybody who has a good water softener that works properly is delighted with the benefits and more than happy to put up with the requirements of ownership. As with all things, there is always the ‘other side’ to ownership, but we would not describe them as a downside. You have to buy a water

Is a water softener a luxury item?

A water softener is no longer thought of as a luxury item as it will pay for itself in three to five years. Save on buying household cleaning products, reduce the amount of energy your home uses and extend the lifespan of your washing machine. Between three to five years, the overall savings you make

What is an Electronic Water Softener?

What is an electric water softener? An electric water softener is a device used to soften a property’s water supply. It removes magnesium and calcium from hard water through a process called ion exchange to prevent limescale building up in household appliances, boilers or pipes. For a complete understanding on how this process works, check

What is a magnetic device?

A magnetic device treats a household water supply to reduce the buildup of limescale. It uses a magnetic field to encourage the formation of crystals as water flows through it. As the water then gets heated in the central heating system, the scale in unsoftened mains water tends to form around the crystals rather than

What is an aquifer?

An aquifer is an underground rock formation which is saturated with water. Boreholes are drilled into the aquifers to extract water. In some areas the aquifers are huge, covering tens or even hundreds of miles.

How much sodium is added to water during softening?

For every 100 mg/l of calcium carbonate hardness removed from the water, 46 mg/l of sodium is added. Naturally soft water typically contains between 10 to 50 sodium parts-per million (ppm). The sodium content of any water is considered safe to drink by the Drinking Water Inspectorate up to 200 ppm. When softening water, sodium