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Does it take long to remove scale when you start using softened water?

Using softened water will start to remove scale from your home in two weeks. The amount of scale already in your home can affect how quickly softened water will get rid of it. Typically: In six weeks, scale will be gone from your kettle In six months, scale will be gone from your heat exchanger

Will installing a water softener affect my water rates?

The Harvey Water Softener™ does use more water, so it can affect the water rates when first installed. However, having a water softener will save money throughout the home – from bills to the products you use in the water, so the cost savings in the long term will outweigh any other outgoings.

What boiler and system do I need to use a water softener?

Most boilers, central heating and water systems will benefit from using softened water. In the past, there has been a lot of misinformation published about using softened water. Our water softeners are designed and manufactured in England to suit UK homes and plumbing systems. Softened water can help systems run more efficiently by flushing away

Can you use softened water in a dishwasher?

Softened water can be used in a dishwasher. Once you’ve fitted your water softener, set the water hardness of your dishwasher to 0. There will no longer be a need to add salt and you should see a reduction in the amount of rinse aid used. Cleaning products work more efficiently in softened water, so

Does the water softener affect my home’s water pressure?

Some water pressure will be lost, but Harvey Water Softeners™ are designed to minimise the effects. Any fitting in a water distribution system will reduce water pressure as water has to pass through it. In most Harvey™ installations, the effects of this are unnoticeable. Our expert team of engineers can check your water pressure before

Will your water softener work with a combi boiler?

Yes, an ion exchange water softener will work with a combi-boiler and reduce the scale present in your existing system. Naturally soft water dissolves chalk and lime as it travels underground, creating hard water. Once softened, it is once again capable of dissolving the chalk and lime in your pipework and hot water cylinder. Heat