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Why do I need water softener salt?

Salt is an essential that keeps your water softener running smoothly and supplying your home with softened water 24 hours a day. A Harvey Water Softener™ works by removing the calcium and magnesium in your mains water during a process called ion exchange. Salt is used in the ion exchange process to get rid of

What role does salt have in the softening process?

Salt comes in many forms (block, tablet, granular) and is loaded into the water softener in order to mix with a reservoir of water and dissolve into brine solution. The brine solution is then used in the regeneration process, whereby it chemically removes the calcium and magnesium ions captured by the resin beads for exchange

Why does the salt dissolve in the way it does?

The block salt sits in 10 mm of water. Before a regeneration starts, that water is saturated with salt. After the regeneration the brine is replaced with fresh water which then dissolves more salt from sides at the bottom of the block. The brine is heavier than water, so as the fresh water touches the

Does block salt contain any impurities?

No. The block is made from pure food grade salt and contains no anticaking or any other chemical. Some water softening salt products do contain anticaking agents but the design of the brine saturators in the block salt water softener enables the block to be chemical free. If would like to know more about water

Is it normal for salt to go down unevenly?

This is perfectly normal and a harmless issue. One block goes down faster as this is where the brine valve is located in the water softener. The salt is always drawn from the block that is closest to the brine valve, hence it going down quicker. It is okay for one side to be completely

Why is my salt broken?

From time to time, salt can break or chip when it’s in storage or during its journey to you.

Can I use broken salt?

Yes – it’s perfectly usable. If the salt is in a few broken pieces, simply stack them in the water softener as if they were a block again. Avoid putting the finer pieces in the water softener.