Fun Garden Water Games For Kids

During those long summer months, it can be hard to keep your children entertained. Instead of sitting inside in different rooms, why not get the family together and play some fun games outside? Fire up the barbeque and make a day of it. You can split into teams and keep a scoreboard of the winners – you could even get the losers to complete chores to make it interesting!

Whilst you and your family are playing with water guns and water balloons, there is the added benefit of watering the garden at the same time. Save money on an electric sprinkler and have your children water the garden for you!

We’ve put together a list of fun water games for children to play in the garden.

1. Water Balloon Baseball

Baseball bats

Practice your batting skills with a game of water balloon baseball! You will need a bucket full of water balloons and some baseball bats. Each player has 3 chances to hit the balloon – or they’re out. The winner is the player who hit the most water balloons. You could even add a forfeit – the losers have to pop a water balloon over their head!

2. Sponge Relay

Sponge relay is a great way to test your child’s balance! You will need some large sponges and some buckets. Place a bucket at either end of the garden. Fill one with water, and leave one empty. The aim of the game is to fill your sponge with water, place it on your head, and get to the other bucket to fill it up – without dropping your sponge! The team to fill their bucket the fastest wins.


3. Homemade Water Slide


Head down to your local DIY store and buy a long length of tarpaulin to create your own water slide in your garden. This works best if you have a sloped garden, but everyone will have fun either way. Simply lay down the tarpaulin and pin it into the ground with some tent pegs. To make it slippy, mix some washing up liquid into buckets of water, and pour it all over the slide. All you need now is a swimming costume and some goggles! You could even make it a challenge to see who can slide the furthest.

4. Paddling Pool Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is a great party game for the family, and you can recreate it in your paddling pool. Clean out your paddling pool, fill it with fresh water, and add your apples! Players can compete against each other to see how many apples they can get out within a minute. Once you’ve finished your game, you can put the apples onto your compost heap.

5. Water Balloon Darts


Practice your aim with a game of water balloon darts. This is a great game for older children and adults (as it could be dangerous!) Create a dart board using cardboard and felt tips. You can then fill your water balloons, and pin them to the board using the tied end. Put up your dart board on a fence or a garden wall. You can then take it in turns to score points by popping the water balloons!

6. Water Balloon Spoon Race

An egg and spoon race – with a twist! Use water balloons instead of eggs for a mess-free game. Get into teams and take it in turns to carry your water balloon across the garden on a spoon. You could make it into a race to fill a bucket, or into a relay race – be careful not to drop your water balloon when you pass it on!

7. Capture the Flag – Water Fight!

water fight

There’s nothing like a good old game of “capture the flag”. Split into teams and stick a cardboard target to your chest. Each player has a water gun, and should aim to hit the targets of the opposite team. Create flags out of old tea towels and place them in the opposition’s “camp”. Create barricades using your garden furniture or some old wooden pallets. The first team to retrieve their flag, without their target getting wet, are the winners!

8. Giant Bubbles

Create some giant bubbles with just a few ingredients and some imagination! To make your bubble mix, you will need:

  • 3 tablespoons of Glycerine (you can buy this on Amazon)
  • 1 litre of water
  • 250ml of washing up liquid

To make your bubble wands, simply grab two sticks from the garden and tie a piece of string across the top of the sticks, connecting them together. Tie another piece of string across both twigs, about 20cm below. The bubbles will then form between the two pieces of string. You can experiment and make lots of different bubble wands – the kids will be entertained for hours! Softened water makes the best bubbles.

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