Get fit with Harvey

7 Harvey House Workouts

Housework; the bane of our life. What if you could skip the gym, have a little clean and enjoy some well deserved treats instead? Scrub, mop and polish your way to a beautiful house & garden, and a buff bod.

Here are our favourite workouts you can do around the home. Don’t fancy it? Picking up the remote control can burn up to 1 kcal per TV show, time to get the popcorn out.

Bingo wings, begone!

Firm up your triceps and tone those calves. Simply step forward, stretch out your arm, bring it back in and repeat. Too tiring? Sit down with a glass of wine and stretch your arm out to move the hoover around you, job done.

Calories burned: 132 kcal/hour

You deserve: large glass of wine, 190 kcal

Squeegee your way to slender shoulders

Dirty windows, shower screen or surfaces? Tackle them with a cloth, work your arm in a circular motion. If you haven’t got a cloth to hand, some unwashed laundry does the job. Once finished, it’s time to do a load of washing.

Calories burned: 136 kcal/hour

You deserve: 25g block of chocolate, 134 kcal

Make your bed (then lie in it)

Make sure your arms fully extend into the corners of the bedding, shake the duvet above your head for a core workout. Once it’s made it’s time to lie down, with all that hard work you deserve a nap.

Calories burned: 68 kcal/hour

You deserve: one cracker with cheese, 70 kcal

Rubbish out, toned legs in

Do a rally round of all the bins at home, park the dustbin a couple of roads down and get some extra steps in. Keep the recycling bin nearby though, don’t let your nosey neighbours see those pizza boxes.

Calories burned: 105 kcal/hour

You deserve: half slice margherita pizza, 100 kcal

Keep things looking trim

Mow your lawn by working your garden in straight lines with big strides, this ensures you take maximum steps. This will also create a neat garden, neat enough to enjoy a BBQ and beer in. British heat too hot? A sit down lawn mower takes the sweat away

Calories burned: 376 kcal/hour

You deserve: BBQ cheese burger, 389 kcal

Prune your way to perfect arms

Get your garden and body looking succulent for the summer. Pull out those pesky weeds, but don’t pull a muscle in the process. Roots too tough? Be a weedling and grab that killer spray.

Calories burned: 200 kcal/hour

You deserve: glass of Pimms, 160 kcal

Core, you look great!

Get jet set ready with a jet wash. Keep your car gleaming with a good old scrub. A soaked up sponge can get heavy; simply carry to your car, reach across, wash and repeat. Don’t forget to engage the core, all the way from the car wash to the drive-through.

Calories burned: 136 kcal/hour

You deserve: one doughnut to take away, 189 kcal

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