Hair personality

Last year we proved that having dry skin on our hands ages us. In fact, our survey showed that having dry hands can age you by nine years on average, while non-dry hands were perceived to be younger than their age 56% of the time!

Now we want to look at hair. There still exists so many stereotypes about hair colour; I’m sure you’ve heard them all over the years. However, in a similar way, we wanted to take a look at the health of our hair and how it’s perceived.

We wanted to know what stereotypes surrounding personalities are associated with hair, and if we step away from colour and style, is it actually the health of the hair that really matters and changes perceptions? Do people judge us as older, or younger, or perhaps as more intelligent based on the health or dryness of our hair?

In order to gain this insight, we’ve taken six independent images of women’s hair and asked each image participant to tell us whether or not their hair is dry. We have then taken the top ten personality stereotypes that have been associated with women’s hair over the last few decades, and we now need you to let us know which personality type you associate with each image.

Please look at each image and judge based only on their hair whether you think that the person looks most:

  • Fun
  • Intelligent
  • Mysterious
  • Sophisticated
  • Kind
  • Boring
  • Old
  • Plain
  • Cold
  • Vain

You can take the survey here

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