Hard water tea? Why not just use soft water?

Cast your mind back a few years and you may remember a series of adverts for Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water, featuring everybody’s favourite sour-faced, roll-necked songwriter John Shuttleworth. More recently, the company ran a campaign that saw the converted ice cream van “Little Urn” delivering the tea to people in hard water areas.

While we applaud Taylors of Harrogate for making a product that seemingly solves the problem of how to enjoy a cuppa if you live in a hard water area, we can’t help but wonder why you wouldn’t take a more permanent measure – such as installing one of our water softeners in your home and enjoying all the benefits that scale-free water can bring!

Taylors has actually carried on a very fine tradition with its Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water, as in the Victorian era merchants would blend tea specially to suit the water in the area they were selling it in. As anybody who’s had one will tell you, tea just doesn’t taste right if it’s made with hard water, and the merchants of the time may have had a difficult job persuading their customers that it was the minerals and impurities in the water that gave it a chalky taste – not their tea! But that was then, and today people have much better solutions available to them.

Of course, it’s not just the taste of your hot drinks that will be affected by hard water, although it might be one of the first things you notice. Hard water will also cause a nasty scale build-up in your kettle and your pipes over time, making them less efficient. You’ll also have a tougher job cleaning in general, as hard water can leave scum and limescale marks – necessitating the use of high-strength cleaning products instead of a bit of soap and water.

If you’re using soft water, all these problems will go away – and you’ll be able to relax with a proper cuppa, too!

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