How To Protect Your Skin In Winter

Most of us suffer from dry skin during the winter months and it can be a tricky condition to manage. Dry skin can cause itchiness and rashes, creating discomfort in everyday life. There are many factors which can cause dry, irritated skin, and we can often make it worse without realising.

We’ve put together our 5 top tips to help you get rid of dry skin this winter.

How To Get Rid of Dry Skin

1. Buy a humidifier

Health experts recommend using a humidifier in your home during winter, to ensure that the moisture in the air stays at a good level. You should set your humidifier at around 60% for the perfect moisture level. Not only will this help to prevent dry skin, but it will also keep your house plants happy, too!

2. Have lukewarm baths rather than hot

It can be tempting to run a really hot bath on a chilly winter evening. However, this won’t do your skin any good. Hot water can damage the cells on the outer layer of our skin, causing it to become dry and flaky. Be sure to bathe in lukewarm water rather than hot, and add a moisturising bubble bath to soothe your skin.

3. Remember to moisturise

You should apply moisturiser immediately after bathing or showering. This helps to seal in moisture whilst your skin is still damp. The thicker the moisturiser, the better. If you suffer from a skin condition, such as Eczema, emollient creams like E45 will help to support your skin’s barrier and retain moisture.

4. Install a water softener

Water softeners remove harsh minerals such as magnesium and calcium from your water supply, leaving you with soft water which is kinder on the skin. Research has proved a link between hard water and eczema, so if you are suffering from the skin condition, a water softener may be the answer. Another benefit of a water softener is that you will use less soap, which can be harsh on the skin, as products lather better with soft water.

5. Use a fragrance-free laundry detergent

If you have sensitive skin, laundry detergent can irritate it and cause you to itch. This may be due to the artificial perfumes and stain-removal enzymes within the detergent. Opt for a non-bio detergent, as these do not contain the irritating enzymes which cause you to itch. Additionally, if you want a fabric softener which won’t irritate your skin, choose a gentle product such as Comfort Pure.

Eczema is a skin condition which affects 1 in 5 children. Research shows a link between hard water and skin conditions like eczema, as it can make your skin more sensitive to irritation. Find out how a water softener could help your family today.

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