Introducing the Next Generation of Water Softeners

Introducing the NEW HarveyArc, designed and engineered in the UK to be the first eco-friendly water softener on the market – using 38% less plastic and made from 62% recycled materials.   

With a HarveyArc, common limescale issues like bath scum and inefficient appliances will be a thing of the past. Protect your home and the environment whilst enjoying all the benefits of a NEW Harvey Water Softener.   

Tested beyond British standards of 5000 to over 1 million cycles, giving you the confidence it’s the most reliable water softener. Using a twin cylinder design, the cylinders work together to supply your home with softened water 24/7. The NEW HarveyArc is non-electric and only regenerates when necessary, saving energy and lowering running costs.  

Designed and engineered for UK plumbing, the NEW HarveyArc is now even more compact to fit neatly under the kitchen sink – the smallest twin cylinder water softener on the market.  

The HarveyArc is maintenance free, the only addition is keeping it topped up with salt. Using a new patented design for salt – the new Mini Curve Salt is lighter and easier to handle and more convenient to store.  

The HarveyArc cabinet is made from recycled Polypropylene from a clean source, which would have ordinarily been a single use plastic and end up in landfill. Not just that, but with softened water your carbon footprint will be reduced. Your appliances will work more efficientlyso things like your boiler will use less energy to heat and you’ll have less appliance breakdowns. You’ll also be using less harsh chemicals to clean. Protecting your home and planet. If all UK homes had a HarveyArc, it would save 7.66 million tonnes of Co2 from being emitted into the atmosphere each year – equivalent to taking 1.7 million cars off the road or planting 127 million trees.

To celebrate the launch of the HarveyArc and because we care about our planet, we are offering to plant a tree for every demo between now and end of December. 

Try it with our free demo. Either in-home or through FaceTime we will carry out a water test and softened water demo where you can see the difference for yourself. One of our expert demonstrators will also assess the best system for your home. Call 01483 753404 or book a demo now

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