Made in Britain: British Manufacturer of Water Softeners joins campaign

As a British manufacturer of Water Softeners, we’re pleased to announce our membership of the Made in Britain campaign, which promotes and supports British manufacturing and enables consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products.

Made in Britain: British Manufacturer of Water Softeners joins campaign

Harvey Water Softeners has become an official member of the Made In Britain campaign in recognition of its efforts to promote excellence in research and development for British manufacturing

Based in Old Woking, the family-run firm exclusively designs, engineers and manufactures its product, a non-electric twin-cylinder water softener. 

The campaign, which promotes British manufacturers through the ‘Made in Britain’ marque, selected the firm after it recently invested £2.5million into Research and Development, and cited the firm’s proud, British roots and exceptionally high standards of manufacturing as the determining factors. Harvey Water Softeners has continued to make industry-leading innovations to its water softener through its multi-million pound investment programme, which includes 3D printing techniques, injection moulding and robotics. It has also increased the size of its research team from two to twelve in the past 18 months.

Non-Executive Chairman and founder of Harvey Water Softeners, Harvey Bowden, said: “It’s fantastic to have our achievements rewarded by Made in Britain. Our success has been made possible thanks to the hard work of hundreds of people involved in our production and supply chains over the years.

“As a British manufacturer, our team of highly skilled, locally trained engineers is the driving force behind not just our success, but the UK’s thriving recovery. The expansion of our research and development programme will make sure that we continue to grow and help us keep our process in house for years to come.”

HR Manager at Harvey Water Softeners, Alexandra Thompson, said: “It can be challenging to recruit the Workshop and Mechanical Engineers to support our growing manufacturing company; the Made in Britain membership reinforces the quality of our product and should therefore attract a greater level of interest from engineers looking to join a successful and growing local business.

“A sense of pride is regularly expressed by our colleagues: pride in the product we produce, the heritage of the firm and our position in the UK manufacturing scene. We can now be proud members of Made in Britain, too.”

Made in Britain Comment

John Pearce, Chief Executive of Made in Britain, said: “Businesses like Harvey Water Softeners contribute so much to the UK economy in so many ways; innovating, investing with a growth strategy, employing more skilled people and being the benchmark brand in their sector.

“As a campaign that aims to unite all of British manufacturing, we are delighted to welcome Harvey Water Softeners into our community and promote them with our members’ Directory and during the #madeinbritianhour on social media. We look forward to working with them to apply the Made in Britain marque on the products they produce.”

Harvey Water Softeners began as a one-man operation in 1978, and is now the largest of its scale in Europe – overseeing the complete design, engineering, manufacture, and installation of every unit they sell. Its team, now greater than 180-strong, is responsible for innovations to one of the smallest water softeners on the market, a non-electric model that is easy to maintain.

In addition, Harvey Water Softeners also manufactures two additional products to complement their water softeners: convenient 4kg blocks of salt and a washing powder that the firm formulated for use with softened water.

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