Make the perfect tea with soft water

Let us explain why soft water is great for your cup of tea:


Much technique and thought goes into making the perfect cup of tea: – Temperature – Timing – Tea quality – Water quality – Utensils and containers

Water quality

Tea connoisseurs agree that water quality is as critical as tea quality, hard water can create a film that floats in the cup or pot due to flavanoids in tea reacting with Calcium Hydroxide in hard water and several experts believe that hard water is simply unsuitable for tea. For example, iced tea made with hard water will turn cloudy upon cooling.

The technical bit

Soft water is also a good natural solvent, when the limescale content in water is lower, it improves the dissolution of aromatics, which is vital in tea (and coffee) making. Due to this property, it even affects cooking, particularly when making aromatic sauces, stocks or gravy, soft water will uptake flavours more readily than hard water.

Sodium content

Softened water contains so little sodium that it is not necessary to have a hard water tap installed, unless you are on a low sodium diet or simply do not like the taste. However, when it comes to cooking or preparing drinks, I would highly recommend taking advantage of soft water if you have it. If not, do take a look around our site to learn more about how you can soften the water in your home.

Softened water has great benefits, but not everybody likes the taste of it, therefore we do offer a separate tap for drinking purposes.

A water softener offers many great benefits and will change family life for the better. You will benefit from softer skin, longer lasting appliances, and better tasting water. Find out more about our water softeners online today and get in touch for a free demonstration. 

Enjoy The Taste – Softened water is free from unwanted minerals so it doesn’t flavour your cooking – Get A Demo