News: 0.5% economy growth in the three months after Brexit

Our Managing Director, Martin Hurworth, has been on the BBC news channel throughout the day on 27th October 2016 talking about the economy since Brexit.

Harvey Water Softeners has enjoyed record sales since Brexit, not through export, but sales at home here in the UK. We benefit from having low material costs because we source and supply the majority of our water softener parts in this country.

With an investment in sales and marketing, awareness is a key part of what we do – as not everyone knows what a water softener is and how it can benefit their home. We are also investing in export, products and premises – with no sign of downsizing because of the economy, instead we are focusing on growth. We are used to uncertainty as we also thrived during the recession a few years ago and Brexit has definitely not negatively affected us, as a manufacturing business we are very resilient.

Our water softeners help you around the home in so many ways. Softened water can prevent limescale build-up in taps, pipes and appliances. Many people think it tastes better than hard water, and it’s much softer on skin. Get in touch to arrange a demonstration

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