Locations: Berkshire

Testimonial: Good service

We enclose our cheque for £ in full settlement of the account. Please cancel the direct debit of £ per month after the 3rd payment on 1st March 2010.


Testimonial: How pleased we have been with your company and water softener

I would like to say how pleased we have been with the entire process of dealing with your company and its products. The salesman who visited us was polite, informative and professional; the installer was neat, tidy and efficient and the unit itself has proved flawless and continues to meet all the advertising and claims made for it. I am sure that it will continue to carry on silently doing its job for many years to come.


Testimonial: Water softener repair

You will doubtless recall that I had occasion to request an engineer to visit recently to service our Water Softener which ceased functioning. Following the initial visit a further visit was called for as the machine still did not function. I am happy to report that the fault appears to have been rectified and the water is back to ‘green’.