Locations: Kent

Testimonial: The best thing ever

I enclose a cheque for £ in payment for my water softener. I have found the unit to be the best thing I have ever had. The best thing ever. Please cancel the direct debit after you have taken three payments. Alan

Testimonial: We are recommending it to our friends

We are very pleased with the product and are enjoying the benefits it brings, we are recommending it to our friends. We were also very satisfied with the service we received from both David Gordon and Harvey the plumber. Jean and Steve

Testimonial: I am really happy with my water softener

Please find enclosed cheque for £ being payment for the water softener installed recently. This amount is less the rental for 3 months as per the contract. May I add that I am really happy with my “softener”. It has been very beneficial in many ways and I thoroughly enjoy the taste of clean water

Testimonial: One of the best purchases we ever made

In connection with terminating the above rental agrreement and paying off the full purchase price (less one rental payment of £ of the water softener supplied and installed by yourselves, I enclose two cheques to the total sum of £ in full and final settlement. PS. In 56 years of married life, one of the

Testimonial: We’re always recommending Harveys Water Softeners

I am writing to say how pleased we were when Tim came to re-fit our water softener. We have come to live in an old and unusual property – but the softener was fitted by Tim (made it look easy!) He was a delight to meet and have in the cottage – please extend our

Testimonial: I would recommend your product to anyone in a hard water area

Please find attached a cheque for the sum of £ as full and final payment for the above rental agreement under the terms and conditions of your letter dated 17/06/2009. I presume that you will cancel the direct debit forthwith. I would also at this time congratulate your company for the extremely efficient and consumer

Testimonial: I’d like to express my complete satisfaction

I am writing to thank you for the £5 Marks and Spencer voucher you sent in response to my participation in your advertising leaflet audit. I should also like to take this opportunity to belatedly express my complete satisfaction with the way your company has dealt with supplying my softener from enquiry through to installation.

Testimonial: Thank you for your kind and courteous service

It is now two weeks since my new water softener was fitted, and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with it. Following your intiial visit on the Wednesday, arrangements were very quickly made by head office for the softener to be installed the following Monday. Tim was most efficient in fitting