Received a Boil Water Notice?

Here at Harvey’s, we’re passionate about clean, pure H20, and we care deeply about the quality of your water. Today, we want to talk about an important topic – what to do if you receive a boil water notice. With all the recent water contamination news, this might sound a bit worrisome, but our water experts are here to guide you through it.

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Why Am I Being Instructed to Boil Water?

UK tap water is usually very safe, undergoing extensive treatment and testing, however the current water quality crisis in the UK has compromised water quality, specifically in some areas. Boiling water is a precautionary measure to protect your health. Receiving a boil water notice means your water provider is actively ensuring your safety.

Why Boil Water?

You might wonder why you need to boil your water. Occasionally, due to unforeseen events like severe weather, system failures, or maintenance work, your tap water might get contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites such as Cryptosporidium. Boiling water is a simple and effective way to kill these pathogens and make your water safe to drink.

Steps to Take During a Boil Water Notice

If you get a boil water notice, here’s what you should do:

  • Boil your water: Bring your water to a rolling boil for at least one minute, killing any harmful microorganisms
  • Cool & store: Let the boiled water cool naturally and store it in a clean container in the fridge – use it within 24 hours to ensure it’s safety
  • Usage tips: Use boiled water for drinking, brushing teeth, making ice, preparing food, and cleaning feeding equipment. Showering and bathing are safe, but avoid swallowing the water. For washing dishes, use hot water and dry them thoroughly (you can wash clothes and flush the toilet as usual).

Occasionally, you might be instructed to avoid using tap water altogether due to severe contamination. In these cases, why not switch to one of our advanced water filter technology systems, which can help ensure your family has access to clean, safe drinking water despite public water issues!

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Harvey Complete TwistLock Water Filter System

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Profine ZERO Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Profine ZERO Reverse Osmosis Filter System

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  • Carbon Block pre filter
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  • Key function: Taste, odours, heavy metals, PFAS (forever chemicals) and dissolved salt
  • Flow rate: 3 litres/minute
  • Capacity: 7,000L
  • Servicing: Yearly Harvey Engineer Service