Revealed: The UK’s favourite tea per city

The UK’s favourite tea per city


Over the last couple of months, we have faced unprecedented times across the UK, and what do Brits do in a crisis? Put the kettle on for a good cup of tea of course.

Due to the lockdown measures in place from the beginning of March, we know that tea drinkers across the UK have had to make a lot of lifestyle changes, one of which is how they purchase their tea. We know that due to restrictions on going grocery shopping, a lot of consumers have switched to purchasing their products online, which gives us additional insight into the purchasing decisions being made through search data on the favourite brands of tea.

The data

We took the top 50 largest cities (by population) across the UK, and looked at the amount of people who search for it on Google per month for 20 types of popular tea over the last two months, to reveal which cities have been drinking which tea the most during lockdown.


The results: the UK’s favourite tea 



Despite Twinings claiming they are Britain's favourite tea, Yorkshire Tea takes a clear lead in consumers searching for it across the country over the lockdown period. This will irritate PG Tips lovers, who comes in third after Green tea.

With over 40,500 average monthly searches for this period, Yorkshire tea is well above the second favourite Green tea, which has an average of 27,100 searches per month. Searches for Yorkshire tea have increased considerably during lockdown, with just 14,000 searches for Yorkshire tea across the whole of the UK pre-COVID-19.


You can see the list of the UK’s top 15 most searched for teas during lockdown here: 


The UK's top teas of lockdown



Scotland's top teas of lockdown



England’s top teas of lockdown



Wales’ top teas of lockdown



Notable points


Newcastle is the only place in the UK where Earl grey appeared in the top three.

Green tea is Britain's second favourite tea, hitting the top three of every single city in the UK.

Bristol is the only city in the UK without Green tea or Yorkshire tea as their top tea, with the fancy Pukka teas making an appearance as their top searched tea during lockdown.

Yorkshire Gold, the special tea brewed specifically for hard water, made an appearance in the top 3 for both Poole and Swansea, no surprise since these areas are renowned for their hard water.

Yorkshire tea lives up to its name, hitting the top spot for every single Yorkshire town and city.

Scotland and Northern Ireland seem to have a different taste to the English and Welsh, with Tetley tea hitting their top three overall.


Hard water and tea

No matter what tea you prefer, tea lovers across the country will want to avoid water with a higher proportion of certain minerals, such as calcium, as these minerals could negatively impact the quality of the taste of the tea, as well as building limescale on your kettle.

Calcium in particular has been known to react with the flavonoids in tea, creating a film that floats around on the surface of a cup of tea. Many people find that hard water causes a limescale build-up in your kettle, making it a pain to use, flakes of limescale in your tea and the kettle becomes less efficient and costs more in energy bills over time.

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