The Thames Water Crisis | How a Filter Can Help

Recent reports have brought to light the alarming state of water quality in many parts of the UK, with Thames Water facing criticism for the presence of harmful bacteria in our water supply. This crisis underscores the importance of ensuring safe, clean water in our homes. One effective solution is the installation of a water filter, which can significantly improve the quality and safety of your water. Find out how a water filter can help…

lady filling up kettle from tap

The Current Water Quality Issue

Following the contamination issues in our water supply, harmful bacteria such as E. coli has been detected and is raising serious health concerns, as well as prompting many to seek immediate solutions to safeguard their water. While water companies work to resolve these issues, you can take proactive steps to protect yourself and your family by using a water filter.

How Water Filters Work

Water filters come in various types, each designed to remove specific contaminants:

  1. Carbon Filters: these filters remove the taste of agents and sediments from your drinking water, turning it clean and fresh (shop now)
  2. Reverse Osmosis Systems: These systems are highly effective at removing a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and nitrates (shop now)
  3. UV Filters: Using ultraviolet light, these filters can kill bacteria and viruses, providing an additional layer of protection.
  4. Ceramic Filters: These filters are capable of removing bacteria, cysts, and sediment from water, ensuring it’s safe for consumption.
How a Water Filter Can Help
  1. Health Protection: With harmful bacteria detected in the water supply, having a reliable water filter can remove pathogens and other contaminants, providing safe drinking water and protecting your family’s health.
  2. Improved Taste and Odor: Contaminants such as chlorine and organic compounds can affect the taste and smell of your water. Filters can effectively remove these, making your water more pleasant to consume.
  3. Cost Savings: By ensuring your water is free from contaminants and minerals that cause damage, you reduce the need for bottled water and decrease energy costs associated with running inefficient appliances.
  4. Environmental Impact: Reducing reliance on bottled water cuts down on plastic waste, contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Choosing the Water Filter Solution For Your Home

When selecting a water filter, consider the specific contaminants in your water supply and your household needs. Here are some tips:

  1. Test Your Water: Conduct a water test to identify the specific contaminants present. This will help you choose the right type of filter
  2. Consider Capacity and Flow Rate: Ensure the filter can handle your household’s water usage without compromising performance
  3. Maintenance Requirements: Choose a system with manageable maintenance needs. Regularly replacing filter cartridges and maintaining the system is crucial for effective operation.
  4. Certifications: Look for products certified by organizations like NSF International, which ensures they meet safety and performance standards

It’s crucial to make sure that your household is taking proactive measures to ensure your water is safe and clean. Now you’ve read about how a water filter can help provide immediate relief from contaminants and protect your health, you will be able to easily choose the right system for your home and safeguard your water supply.

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Harvey Complete TwistLock Water Filter System

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Our Harvey Twistlock Filter cartridges removes the taste of agents and sediments from your drinking water, making it clean and fresh.

  • 1-Stage Enhanced Filtration
  • Easy cartridge replacement
  • Coconut carbon 5-Micron Filtration
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 litres per minute
  • Capacity: 11,356 litres
  • Only need to replace filter every 12 months
  • Temperature Operating Range: 3.5° C – 37° C
Profine ZERO Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Profine ZERO Reverse Osmosis Filter System

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Our latest, high-tech Reverse Osmosis water filter system. Designed to deliver 24/7 fresh and clean, filtered drinking water and removes taste, odours, particulates and PFAS (forever chemicals)

  • Carbon Block pre filter
  • Position: Under-sink mounted.
  • Key function: Taste, odours, heavy metals, PFAS (forever chemicals) and dissolved salt
  • Flow rate: 3 litres/minute
  • Capacity: 7,000L
  • Servicing: Yearly Harvey Engineer Service