Top 10 Blue Planet II Moments

Blue Planet 2 swam into our lives towards the end of 2017 and in typical David Attenborough style, soothed our hearts and made us rethink what we know about our oceans. Here, we countdown our 10 favourite moments from the latest Blue Planet series – let us know if you agree in the comments below!


10. The DIY fish 

This little guy decided he wasn’t going to be like all of the other fish. He decided he would work for his dinner using tools. This activity was unprecedented until the team captured it on film and really emphasises the intelligence these creatures can have. 


9. Finding Plastic 

The clownfish are arguably the most famous fish to now swim about due to Pixar’s smash hit Finding Nemo. In Blue Planet II we saw a family of clownfish have a big family dispute whilst also cleaning their home. This saw the fish try and use some plastic in the water as a home that was eventually, fortunately, replaced by a sunken coconut shell. It was a sad reminder of how integrated manmade materials are in the ocean environment, a running theme throughout this series.


8. The Boiling Sea 

Somehow the Blue Planet II team managed to find this rare event where multiple sea creatures come to feast on a huge school of fish which causes the sea to look like it’s boiling. This amazing feat had only been fishermen’s tales prior to this point and the crew even managed to capture a pod of 5000 dolphins on the hunt for some tasty lantern fish!


7. Portuguese Man O’ War Serial Killer

This is where it got dark. This humongous jellyfish-looking combination of creatures is the most chilled-out serial killer in the ocean. It paralyses its pray and the camera gets uncomfortably close to show us this one poor fish’s demise. Definitely one to swim away from and pray it doesn’t enter your nightmares.


6. Protecting baby leatherback turtles 

Continuing the ongoing theme of humans ruining the ocean wildlife, leatherback turtles were being hunted almost to extinction and eaten. Len Peters, a local hero, decided to do something about it and educated his fellow local people on why they should leave the turtles alone and even help them reach the waves to begin their life adventure. 


5. The Evil Bobbit Sand Worm

If the Portuguese Man O’ War wasn’t enough to make you never want to enter the sea again, then the Bobbit worm certainly will make you rethink what lurks in the deep. Coming in at a metre long, this worm lays wait in the sand and strikes upwards consuming any fish unlucky enough to swim by. 


4. Eel vs Crab

Blue Planet is at its best when rooting for the little guy, this is one of those moments. This poor crab has to cross choppy waters whilst being hunted by an octopus and an eel all to get one square meal. The editing tells this poor crab’s story as he dodges the waves and predators, definitely a true underdog story. 


3. Bird-Eating Fish

If someone said that fish often leap out of the water to eat flying birds, you may not believe them. Blue Planet II made you rethink the entire food chain in this piece. The Giant Trevally can grow up to 1.7m long so chomping down these seabirds is no problem at all. Truly, a sight to behold! 


2. Underwater Hide and Seek Champion

This footage was a first of its kind and a prime example of how intelligent an octopus can be. This sneaky guy is hiding from the predatory sharks and to do so he covers himself in shells and pretends to be a rock – genius. When this plan fails he glides away and the shark is left baffled. Genuinely unbelievable. 


1. Pilot Whale Mother Grieving

Just like the TV series did, this article intends to leave you with something to think about. This image will be one of the most powerful clips to come from Blue Planet II as it’s heartbreaking but comes with a true message. The human impact was a constant theme and a pilot whale holding her dead baby calf is a reminder of what humans are capable of, even if indirectly. 

What was your favourite Blue Planet II moment? Are you cutting down on your plastic use? Let us know over on Facebook!  

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