Top 10 Global Explorer’s Bucket List

With so many adventures on offer, we’ve handpicked some of the best experiences around the world, designed to challenge the most daring, fearless and experienced of explorers.

1) Swim with Great Whites in Cape Town (South Africa)

Meeting these kings of the ocean should be at the top of any explorer’s bucket list. Around four and a half meters long with more than 300 teeth and the power to reach speeds of over 60 kmph, great white sharks are tough to beat when it comes to finding the most extreme creatures in the animal kingdom. Off the shores of Cape Town, take a trip out to the depths and dive (in a cage!) into this endangered species’ habitat.

2) La Tomatina! Celebrate Tomatoes in Style in Bunol, Valencia (Spain)

Rejoice in tomato-made fiasco and be part of the world’s biggest food fight. Each August the La Tomatina festival sees 20,000 people throw over one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes. No one really knows why, but the chaotic enjoyment of this bizarre event makes it one not to missed!

3) Stay in the Hottest Place on Earth in Death Valley (USA)

A night at Furnace Creek in Death Valley will test even the most hardcore travellers. 57.9m below sea level and with temperatures averaging at well over 50°C, even walking outside can feel dangerous. Just remember the water, the sun cream and the breakdown repair kit!

4) Dine Among the Treetops (Thailand)

You hear the familiar sound of metal zipping along a wire and can smell the food you ordered getting progressively stronger. Your waiter is bringing your dinner on a zipwire and you are in a 40 foot tree restaurant in Thailand. These tree-top establishments are extremely popular and provide a stunning backdrop for your food, which is authentic cuisine too!



5) Ride a Motorbike in Hanoi (Vietnam)

39 Million. That’s how many motorbikes are estimated to be in Vietnam at the moment, with 4 million of those being in Hanoi specifically. Vietnam tends to be on most bucket lists as it’s picturesque with an untouched culture and very very cheap. Motorbike rental is extremely easy to come by in Hanoi, so hop on and explore the ancient architecture that awaits, just be sure to wear a helmet.

6) Bungy Jump in Queenstown (New Zealand)

With an astonishing, 8 second free fall, the Nevis bungee jump in Queenstown is designed to take you to the edge…and then push you off it. If this is for you, then there is 134 metres of free air to fly through, you might not be able to take in much of the scenery at such speeds though.

7) Island Hop from Saaremaa (Estonia)

Estonia includes more than 2000 beautiful islands to explore and offers a wealth of history at the top of Europe. It boasts the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe for the cultural travels as well as a lot of rainforest, roughly 50% of the country!


Estonia Lake

8) Wildlife exploration in Monteverde Cloud Forest Nature Reserve (Costa Rica)

Featuring around 2.5% of the entire planet’s biodiversity, this nature reserve has a lot to offer and it is stunning to match. This area contains a huge range of exotic birds as you trek the paths through this dense forest, you might even see sloths and monkeys native to Costa Rica too!

9) Eat a ‘live’ Squid in Tokyo (Japan)

Now for something different, with a disclaimer, it’s definitely not an actual live squid. These videos have become popular on social media due to their quirky and mystical nature. Soy sauce re-animates the legs of the squid so it appears alive or ‘dancing’. It’s a unique cultural dish but definitely won’t be for everyone!

10) Journey to the centre of the Earth at Snaefellsjökull (Iceland)

Iceland offers its visitors a natural landscape crafted by the Gods in a variety of shapes, sizes and temperatures! A long narrow staircase takes you deep into the Earth, well 35 metres deep, in this deep expedition. The famous film and book ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ depicts this journey starting from the same mountain range! If you’re in Iceland anyway, you should also book a trip to go and see the Northern Lights too.

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