Topics: Eczema


Carly – “I moved to Southampton, a particularly hard water area, from Devon. I started suffering with severe eczema – hard water was a shock to the system, I didn’t realise it would have such an impact. I developed eczema that was so severe, I gave my son his first bath when he was 1. […]

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Miss Davenhill

Miss Davenhill – “I used to live in Manchester where the water was beautifully soft. After moving to Winchester I just got used to the hard water, but noticed I was having to clean everything a little bit more. When you’ve had soft water, you like it. Some friends recommended Harvey Water Softeners to me. […]

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Damian – “Our son Luke is the main reason why we got it, he had eczema from when he was born. So we decided to give it a go. The installation was professional and clean, the installer respected my home which was impressive.” […]

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