Water 2.0 – The gadgets that change the way you use water

Every day it seems like something new becomes “smart” or has a lowercase “i” prefixed to it, which somehow means it’s joined the switched-on, digitally-connected world. Well, water’s no exception – so here’s a few of the gadgets you can use to enjoy a smart cup of tea or an iDrink of water…

iKettle – the WiFi kettle

Here’s the solution for those of us who don’t want to stand around in the kitchen for a few minutes every morning, waiting for the kettle to boil before we can have that first cuppa. The iKettle is connected via WiFi, effectively allowing you to use your smartphone as a remote control – presumably from the comfort of your bed. It can be programmed to four temperature settings, will keep the water hot for you if you want to lie in a bit longer, and will even thoughtfully send you a text message to alert you that the water has boiled.

BluFit – the intelligent water bottle

This digital water bottle also connects to your smartphone with an app. A sensor records the time and the amount of water consumed each time you take a sip, while the BluFit app uses data like your age, weight, and the current ambient temperature and humidity to figure out when you need to take a drink next. While we’d need to ask some pretty searching questions about someone who needs a smartphone app to tell them when they’re thirsty, there’s no denying that this turns something as basic as drinking water into an incredibly futuristic experience.

Waterpebble – the shower water saver

This device is actually pretty handy and clever, especially if you want to give your morning shower a little eco-boost. It’s a little circle of plastic that sits by your plughole and monitors the amount of water that goes down. The Waterpebble uses a series of lights to tell you when it’s time to stop showering – according to the manufacturer, following its advice can save as much as £180 a year for a family of four.

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