Water Industry Innovation Across The Next Decade

As we approach a new decade, the water industry is beginning to release action plans which outline future innovations across the sector, as well as environmental approaches for businesses to put in place. 
Here is everything we know so far, as well as an overview of our current approaches to innovation.

Water Industry – 2030 Net-Zero Goal

The UK water industry has promised to develop an action plan with international consultancies, to help achieve the 2030 Net-Zero goal. Every year, key milestones which have been achieved will be released to the public. From here, businesses can realign their current approaches with new goals.

The water sector contributes 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, and the issue urgently needs addressing. Proposed plans within the water industry already include the planting of 11 million trees across the UK before 2030. 

The action plan is still being developed by consultancies Ricardo and Mott MacDonald, and further information will likely be released at the start of the new decade.

Manifesto for Water – 2020 to 2025

The trade body for the UK’s water industry, Water UK, has published their Manifesto for Water for the 2020 to 2025 period. 

There has been an understandable push for environmental considerations over the past few years. The investment programme has announced plans to clean up 8000km of rivers and improve their overall quality, benefiting both people and wildlife. Additionally, over 98% of bathing water areas are expected to meet tough European standards by 2025. 

The manifesto also has a large focus on fixing water leaks from mains, which will save the equivalent of 184 Olympic swimming pools of water every day by 2025. New technology, such as drones and satellite imaging, can help companies to identify the source of leaks without causing significant disruption. 

Ofwat will review individual companies business plans to determine how much and where companies can invest their money during the 2020-2025 period. The final assessment was due to be published by Ofwat on the 11th of December 2019, but this has now been pushed back due to the elections.

Innovation at Harvey Water Softeners

Harvey Water Softeners are the largest water softener manufacturer in the UK. Over the last few years, we have implemented huge changes in our manufacturing process due to a multi-million-pound investment programme. We’re proud to use the latest technology in order to make big innovations in our production process.

Automated Production Line

We have increased our production output by 15%, without taking on additional staff, by automating our production process. The automated production line removes the risk of human error, therefore reducing the number of issues discovered during final assembly. This number has lowered from 40 failures per week down to 4. 

We use the latest technologies to make sure that our production process as efficient as possible, such as Computer Simulation, 3D printing and using automated testing equipment. British engineering is at the heart of our products, as we use UK injection mould tools and testing equipment. 

As well as improving our production process, we have also streamlined our manufacturing process.

Streamlined Manufacturing Process

In order to save time and money, as many processes as possible are completed in house. Our laboratories, machine shop, quality inspection and processing are all on-site at Harvey Water Softeners. We are able to produce more products per year than ever before.

Additionally, all of our departments are under one roof. Anyone across the different teams is welcome to input on the design, including our Plumbers, Marketing & Sales Teams and our Quality Assurers. 

Our New Product: HV4 

The new HV4 from Harvey Water Softeners will be officially unveiled to our customers in 2020. An improved design will allow our water softener to work with lower mains water pressure and ensures that we maintain our high standards. The lifespan of the water softener has been increased, due to our improved testing standards, therefore reducing the environmental impact of replacing your softener.

Our research and development team ensure that our products are in line with customer expectations. During the design process, the team listened to our customer’s thoughts and we reimagined our product in line with their feedback. 

We are excited to see how the HV4 is received by our customers and will continue to improve our processes over the coming decade. For more information about the Harvey Water Softener, get in touch with our team.