Water softeners and the environment

If you’re concerned about saving energy, our water softeners are the obvious choice for several reasons:

Non-electric operation

We do not use electricity to power our softeners. They operate hydraulically using the incoming water pressure. Reliable and efficient, we have pioneered this method for over 30 years.

Natural Block Salt

There are no chemicals used in the softening process, our softener only requires natural salt in block form to clean itself and this process has no adverse effect on the environment.

Efficient operation

Our unique and accurate metering system ensures the softener uses only the minimum amount of water and salt during its cleaning process, every time.

British design and manufacture

Our softeners don’t travel half way round the world to get to you, they are manufactured in Woking, Surrey and have been since we began in 1977.

Free in-home demonstration

Our in home demonstration is the perfect opportunity to find out how a softener will benefit your home. It is free of charge and takes about 1 hour. 

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