What makes 3D printing so special?

As you may have noticed, the past two years have seen huge changes at Harvey Water Softeners. The biggest of these has been the huge investment of over £2.5 million that we’ve made in 3D printing – but what makes this so special? The best way to show you is with this short video:

Although that clip doesn’t do justice to the vital role that 3D printing plays in our manufacturing process, the most important thing about it is that it makes our entire production process easier, quicker, and even higher in quality. Without having to worry about human error, we’ve reduced the number of flawed products on our weekly production line by over 90%, even though we’re making far more than we were just a few years ago.

Better yet, 3D printing means that we are able to make a far more diverse range of products and test them far more rigorously. Though this might mean a slight change to our existing products to make them even quieter, cleaner or more efficient, we are also able to test out brand new ideas far more easily – taking a product from the original concept to a working prototype in just three days.

This kind of innovation has been at the core of Harvey Water Softeners since it was founded, and it is thanks to constant developments such as these which have seen us produce the smallest and most practical water softener on the market today. With the help of new technologies like 3D printing we hope that Harvey’s can continue to lead the way in making products that make your home perfect.

Who knows? Even though 3D printing is a long way away from being in every home, a few years from now you might be able to print of a water softener without ever leaving your home. It’s innovation like that which excites everyone at Harvey’s, though we’d still recommend that you get a professional to install the machine on your behalf!

If you want to get a better idea of the different things that can be made with 3D printing, or you want to see clips of them in action, make sure to check out the Form Labs website by clicking here.

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