With a young family, it can be hard to find the time to clean and look after your home. Did you know if you live in a hard water area it could be adding unnecessary hassle into your usual routine? Taking away precious time you could be spending doing the things you love.


With hard water, you will know about the limescale deposits all over sinks, baths, showers, surfaces - anything the water touches. Hard water can also cause irritation to your baby’s delicate skin. When washing with hard water, bubble bath, body wash and soap don’t lather as well. Some of the product leaves residue on your baby’s skin, making it dry, itchy and in need of extra moisture. So, what if there wasn’t a need to use all those products on your little one? 


It’s not something your family has to suffer.  Our happy customer Adrian and his family don’t anymore: “My son has been growing out of his eczema, but since we have had our Harvey Water Softener it has certainly reduced. My wife also suffers with dry skin and has seen an improvement.” Adrian, Didcot, Oxfordshire.



With a water softener, you can protect your family’s sensitive skin with an added bonus of protecting your home too. A Harvey Water Softener eliminates those harsh minerals found in hard water. Limescale build up will disappear meaning you will spend less time cleaning, and more time on the things you enjoy! Appliances such as your boiler and washing machine would have built up centimetres worth of scale over the years - softened water descales pipes and appliances so they will last longer and be more efficient, saving you money throughout the home. All from a device that is compact enough to fit under the kitchen sink - the perfect investment to care for your home and family!

Harvey Water Softener is the UK’s No.1 manufacturer, providing softened water for over 40 years. See for yourself why 96% of people who try Harvey Water with our 3-month trial, keep it. Book a demo to find out how Harvey Water looks after your family and home.


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