Category: Hair Care

Summer Haircare Tips for Active Families

If the summer means more time outside and swimming for your family, you will probably find factors from UV rays and humidity can be the cause of coarse, greasy and lifeless hair. However, it’s not rocket science to reverse this. Keeping your active family’s hair manageable between trips to the beach and playing out can be incredibly easy, as long as you remember to protect and nourish hair after sun and water exposure. If this sounds like a lot for you, just remember that it is probably less effort than a whole family excursion to the hairdressers!


Can water softeners help your beauty regime?

If you take your daily skin and haircare regime very seriously – and especially if you prefer natural products and solutions – you may be interested in knowing about the benefits of washing in softened water. The quality of the water you use every day is something that’s easy to overlook – after all, it all looks the same when it comes out of the tap.


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