With softened water, pipes will descale over time and your whole heating system will become more efficient, meaning you save money in the long run. Go on, treat yourself.


Go on, treat yourself:

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When hard water is heated up it forms scale around the heat source. The most obvious place for this scale build up is in the kettle, where you can actually see the white residue furring up the heating element. Now, this happening inside your hot water system. You can’t see it, and you definitely can’t clean it easily. 

The thick layer of scale needs to be heated before the water, using more energy and resulting in higher gas and electricity consumption. Once a heat source is scaled up it can’t work as efficiently. The more water you heat, the more scale you produce and more energy is required - it is a vicious cycle.

Softened water will return your heating elements to full working efficiency, keeping them that way for good. Reducing the amount of energy reduces the amount of money you spend on fuel bills, with a huge cost saving. 



“We have also been able to cut down on the cleaning products and the amount of washing powders we have been using, therefore saving us money.”


MaheshYanambakkam, Review Centre


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