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Life with a water softener​​
Save money with softened water

  • Your heating system works more efficiently
  • You reduce your cleaning bills by over half
  • Your appliances last longer

Feel great with softened water

  • You have a lot less cleaning to do
  • Your hair and skin feel great
  • You get nice bubbly baths and showers

Fits under the sink

The best place for a water softener to be fitted is under the kitchen sink, that's why we designed the Harvey Water Softener to fit perfectly there. 

The compact design is made possible by the innovative arrangement of the two compact cylinders and our custom-made valve. Our reversible fittings mean that the unit can always go in the most convenient space for your home.


Water softener installation

A water softener is usually fitted under the kitchen sink, but it can be fitted anywhere that is convenient for you. Common locations include:

  • the garage
  • the loft
  • on an outside wall

Our installers are all trained and experienced in fitting water softeners in all of these situations. Installation is a fairly simple process - a little more complex than a washing machine, but much simpler than having a new boiler fitted. It usually takes no more than half a day, though our plumbers never rush - we make sure they have time to do a good, robust and tidy job.


Block salt

  • Convenient 4kg packs mean no heavy bags to struggle with
  • A year’s supply takes up less space than a set of golf clubs on a trolley
  • We say the average UK households requires one block of salt per person per month
  • When the salt blocks near the red line in your softener, it’s time to re-order

Click here to order more block salt


In a very hard water area (over 300mg/l as CaCO3) using a water softener could reduce maintenance and water heating costs by up to £50 per year, or £580 over the lifetime of a boiler.

This is calculated for a 4-person household with a gas-fired combi condensing boiler and includes both energy savings and maintenance costs for descaling the boiler 3 times, estimated at £169 per procedure. The household pays 4.21p/kWh for gas. Figures valid for 2014.


How the Harvey Water Softener works 

  • At the heart of the Harvey Water Softener is the resin, which results in completely softened water in your home. 
  • The most technical part is the regeneration. The timing of it is everything, too soon and you waste water, too late and you risk hard water entering your system. 
  • The advanced technology measures precisely how much water has been softened, even when water is hardly flowing, so the water softener regenerates at exactly the right time. 

The Harvey Water Softener has unique features that give you softened water everyday. Find out more here.


A more efficient water softener

  • Duplex parallel regeneration system that provides fresh softened water 24/7
  • Innovation of the transparent salt lid so you know when more block salt is needed 

Every aspect of the Harvey Water Softener has been carefully thought through, with one goal in mind: making your experience as an owner as delightful as possible.

Read about the features of a Harvey Water Softener here.

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To find out more about how we use and manage your data, please see our data policy

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