Does it take long to remove scale when you start using softened water?

Using softened water will start to remove scale from your home in two weeks.

The amount of scale already in your home can affect how quickly softened water will get rid of it.


  • In six weeks, scale will be gone from your kettle
  • In six months, scale will be gone from your heat exchanger
  • In two years, scale will be gone from the rest of your pipe work

How water softeners remove scale:

Hard water comes into the home at approximately 300 parts-per million (ppm). After it passes through a water softener, it’s at virtually zero.

This means when the water enters your pipes, it dissolves the chalk and limescale – reflecting the natural process when water goes underground to create cave networks.

Over time, hardness is filtered from your pipes and goes down the drain, leaving you with softened water. During this process, water comes out of your tap at around 10-15 ppm of hardness. New customers will notice a change of taste in water and start to see a difference in appliances such as a kettle.

For customers that move house

Previous customers that take their water softener to a new home may notice the water quality isn’t as good as before. Often, this is down to their new home having scale build up in the pipe work, meaning the water will be running at between 10-15 ppm.

For small households

This can also be the case in homes with only one or two residents. When hot water isn’t used over a period of time, it sits in the hot water cylinder where it dissolves the scale. The hardness will go up to over 20 ppm in this case. If the home uses a lot of water, hardness only gets up to approximately 5-10 ppm.