How does the 3 month trial work?

You can experience beautifully softened water in your home for yourself by trialling a Harvey water softener for three months, with no obligation to keep it at the end of the period.  

During the trial, you will pay a monthly rental payment. If you enjoy the benefits of softened water and are happy with the results, at the end of the trial you don’t need to do anything. You keep the water softener and we will automatically switch you onto your chosen payment method to pay for the water softener. All rental payments will be subtracted from your balance to pay. 

95% of people who trial a Harvey water softener, keep it!  

If for any reason you decide that the water softener is not for you, let us know during or at the end of your trial and we will arrange for the softener to be removed. We will return your pipework and plumbing to their original state when we take the water softener away. 

Any rental payments made during your trial will be refunded to you, minus any charges for salt or additional products such as three-way taps.  

Why not request a quote and see whether you are eligible for our no obligation 3 month trial? 

 If you have hard water in your home, it could affect the lifetime of your household appliances due to a build-up of limescale over time. Water softeners remove minerals from your water supply and drastically reduce the amount of limescale in your home. Learn more about how our water softeners work and we’ll help you find the right product for you. Learn more