I don’t think my water softener is functioning correctly. What should I do?

Our water softeners have been designed with easy maintenance and ownership in mind and should keep running smoothly as long as the salt is kept topped up.  

Faults and problems with our water softeners are rare but if you do notice something unusual then please get in touch with our expert team so we can troubleshoot or fix any water softener problems as quickly as possible 

If you suspect problems with your Harveys water softener or you spot water in the salt tank of the water softener, overflowing or brown water, or you’re experiencing water softener low water pressure problems, then it’s worth getting them checked out. Call us for advice to resolve it quickly and get your Harvey water softener back to performing at its best.  

If we identify a problem with your systemthen we’ll arrange for one of our team to check if there’s some maintenance on your water softener system that we can do remotely or we’ll book a water softener service appointment for you. 

Please call our service department on 01483 753414 for the fastest possible resolution. 

Your Harvey water softener should run smoothly as long as you keep the salt topped up – there’s no need for routine servicing. But if you’ve noticed a problem with your water softener or you’d like to book a maintenance visit, please contact our expert team who will be happy to help. Contact us  

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