Is my water already softened?

In most cases, no. The only supplier that softens water to some degree is SES Water. The water is purified before it is safe to drink and the quality is improved through a process it calls ‘softening’. Its water treatment process moves the water to the softening tank, here lime is added. The lime reacts with the bicarbonates that cause hardness and chalk is formed, this then settles at the bottom of the tank. Softened water is produced and is moved onto the next treatment stage.

The process doesn’t fully soften the water to levels that a Harvey Water Softener™ does, meaning you will still suffer from hard water problems in your home. This was proved when we visited a customer in an area that SES covers, and still found the hardness to be around 250ppm. We do a hardness test when we visit each customer to check the levels of hardness in the water.

SES Water supplies water around Sutton and East Surrey. To see whether your water is in the supply area, please check with them directly.

Some areas are naturally soft water areas, so the water wouldn’t necessarily need to be softened.