Will drinking softened water lower my intake of essential minerals?

We get most of our essential minerals from our food intake, not our water intake.

Whether your water supply is hard, soft or softened, no water type can provide all or a major portion of the minerals we need.

If you are deficient in minerals such as magnesium, then any additional magnesium found in hard water would in theory be beneficial.

Our general health and water types:

The World Health Organisation are currently studying how much of an impact minerals in water have on our general health. Also whether it is advisable to keep a water source containing calcium and magnesium.

The group held a consultation on the issue of nutrition and drinking water in November 2003.

They considered data from some epidemiological studies that linked the softness of water and cardiovascular disease.

WHO currently states: “..the available data are inadequate to permit a conclusion that the association is causal. No health based guideline value is proposed for hardness.”

The Drinking Water Regulations also do not include a specification for a minimum level of hardness.