Hot tub rental:

new research reveals best (and worst) places to rent a hot tub

As we prepare for a winter at home, many of us are opting to rent or even buy hot tubs. It’s been a crazy year in so many ways and while lockdown and travel constraints will likely see us spending the festive period here in the UK rather than heading off on ski trips or travels to far fling paradises, it seems we’re still as keen as ever to bring a bit of luxury into our lives.

According to Google’s data, the number of searches for terms like hot tub rental has increased significantly in the past week – leading trend watchers to predict a rise in the number of homeowners renting or even buying hot tubs in the coming weeks.

So, where’s best to rent a hot tub? We wanted to find out…

The best place to rent a hot tub

What do you want from a hot tub? Well, it’s partly the warmth of the water, that feeling of ‘aaaahhh’ when you lower yourself into it after a long week. It’s partly the joy of spending time with people you love (in a Covid-friendly way of course) and enjoying that period of relaxation.

But it’s also about creating those nice big bubbles that are so synonymous with a spa day – and enjoying the effects afterwards, too.

For avid followers of our blog, you’ll know that soft water is what’s needed to create nice big bubbles in your bath and also what can alleviate things like dry skin or dry hair conditions. If you want a hot tub experience with big bubbles, that leaves your skin and hair feeling soft and healthy afterwards, then the best place for a hot tub is a place with soft water.

If you wanted to be more specific, the very best place in the UK to rent a hot tub is Edinburgh, where a readingof 23 milligrams of calcium carbonate per litre – the metric used to measure the severity of hard water – makes it the softest water in the country.

This is closely followed by Plymouth (25mg/l) and Glasgow (28mg/l).

The worst place to rent a hot tub

At the other end of the spectrum, residents in Ipswich will be sad to hear that having the UK’s hardest water means it’s a lot harder to get those big bubbles that make a really relaxing hot tub spa.

Ipswich was deemed to be the worst place for a soak due to having the highest concentration (368mg/l) closely followed by Hull (358mg/l) and Stevenage (356mg/l).

But, all is not lost… if you are in a hard water area (find out if you are or not, here), you can treat your water to remove the excess magnesium and calcium that makes it hard using a water softener. Good news all round!

Why rent a hot tub?

The benefits of renting a hot tub right now might seem obvious – the relaxation, the bliss of your very own at-home spa, the desire to find something to add luxury into your life are all valid reasons for making an investment and splashing out some of the cash you’d otherwise be putting into meals out or paying for your commute.

But did you know, renting a hot tub can have far broader benefits when it comes to your mental and physical wellbeing?

In a study published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, it was shown that warm water immersion helps to lower our stress levels and reduce our blood pressure – so if you’re feeling stressed or challenged by the weird times we find ourselves in, getting a hot tub could be just what you need.You can find out more about the quality of water in your home here.