Guaranteed installation before Christmas! 

Want softened water in time for Christmas? Simply enter your details and our team will arrange a demonstration of softened water so you can feel the difference for yourself. Put your feet up this Christmas and enjoy a shinier home, longer lasting appliances and relaxing, bubblier baths to soak in.  See below for terms and conditions. 

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Go on, treat yourself.

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Guaranteed installation before Christmas terms & conditions

- you will need to have your demonstration appointment before 10th December 2018 to be eligible

- if there are no demonstration appointments available to you before 10th December 2018, this guarantee does not apply

- your install appointment will have to be booked in on or before 15th December 2018

- you will have two separate dates given to you by us, please ensure you can make at least one of them

- if you can't make the installation appointment dates that we give you, the guarantee is void

- if you cancel your installation appointment, the guarantee is void

- if we don't have any install dates available before 25th December 2018, you will get the installation cost taken off the full value of the water softener

- there is no cash alternative for the cost of the installation

- this offer is only valid through in our Harvey retail area. If you purchase through our dealer network then the guarantee is not valid 


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