How to save money on your bubble baths

There are endless benefits of taking a bubble bath. Many people find that soaking in a lavender scented bubble bath can help them escape everyday stressors and soothe them into a peaceful slumber.

Baths are also praised for their mental health benefits, according to researchers, a regular warm bath can have a greater effect on mood than exercise- and speaking of exercise, there are many physical benefits of getting in the tub, too, such as loosening our muscles.

Stress causes the muscles in the body to contract, and a hot bath can help with those symptoms and keep the muscles loose. Stretching and moving around whilst in the water also makes for a low-impact workout that can help relieve discomfort in muscles, joints, and bones.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder there are so many bath products available on the market for us to enjoy, and of course, we want to make our products last as long as possible, to get the most use out of them and to save our money.

a lady in a bath tub

How to make a bubble bath with lots of bubbles

Baths are better when you have lots of bubbles! But achieving a tub full of dreamy bubbles shouldn’t require an excessive amount of product, which in turn ends up costing additional money. Read our tips below on how you can get that bubbly result, without needlessly splashing your cash.


To create more bubbles, your bubble bath should include a surfactant, as this is the ingredient that allows water molecules to stretch and form bubbles. There are plenty of bubble bath products out there, so it’s worth doing your research – but looking for ones that are described as a foaming product is usually a safe bet.

You can make your own natural bubble bath, which can help to save money on higher-end products and are great if you have skin sensitivities and allergies – there are plenty of DIY guides online to help you create great smelling bubbles.


More air yields a bubblier bath. If you add your bubble bath right under the spout as your bath fills, the pressure of the water on the solution forces air into your bubbles. It’s best to wait until there are a few inches of water in the tub before adding your chosen bubble bath.

When pouring in your product, add it slowly and right underneath the running water. The stronger the water pressure, the more bubbles you’ll get. Another way to increase the suds is by quickly running your fingers through the bathwater whilst the tub is filling up.

Soft water

Most importantly, with all of that in mind, no amount of product will give you the lather you desperately want if you have hard water running into your bath. This is because the minerals in hard water simply don’t allow for beautiful bubbles.

On the other hand, softened water doesn’t have the minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which reduce lather, and instead, produces light soapy bubbles that require very little product to achieve, meaning you save money on your toiletries.

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How to make your bath products last longer

You shouldn’t have to scrimp on your products and put up with less bubbly baths to save on costs. It can be as simple as installing a water softener. With softened water, all products will lather better, which results in glorious bubbles from your basin to your bubble bath.

Saving you money on your bath products is only one benefit that having softened water can bring – other benefits include longer lasting appliances, cheaper laundry bills, shinier homes and softer skin.

You can try beautifully softened water in your home for yourself and benefit from cost savings. See if you’re eligible for a no-obligation, three month trial today.

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