Mono 3-in-1 tap

FREE Mono Tap with every water softener

  • A water softener enables silkier hair and skin
  • No limescale means improved boiler and appliance efficiency
  • Now with a free 3-in-1 tap when you purchase a Harvey water softener

Why softened water?

  • A water softener removes the limescale and other hard deposits from your water supply
  • Soft water is softer on not only your skin, hair and appliances, but also your wallet
  • Did you know that you could save up to £240 on your water heating bill alone with the improved performance a water softener provides?

Now with a FREE tap upgrade

Now there are even more benefits to a Harvey water softener. In addition to the improvements a water softener can provide, we’re now giving away a 3-in-1 water filter drinking tap when you purchase a Harvey Softener throughout May 2022.

The Mono 3-in-1 Tap (RRP up to £377) provides regular hot and cold tap options in addition to a non-softened bypass tap that includes a purifying filter – ideal for drinking.

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1. Quote discount code ‘GrandDesigns22’ when placing your order.
2. Book a demonstration or purchase a Harvey water softener by 31st May 2022 to receive free 3-in-1 tap.
3. Includes free installation and optional drinking water filter (prices available on request).
4. Mono tap will be installed at same time as water softener installation.
5. UK mainland residents only (including Isle of Wight). Check water hardness.
6. Offer only available in areas covered by Harvey Water Softeners Retail Department.
7. Additional products and services subject to additional charge.
8. Eligibility, purchase, installation and shipping to UK only.
9. One entry per person.
10. Place your order or book your demonstration between 13th May 2022 and 31st May 2022.
11. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions and offers.
12. Water softener suitable for residential properties.
13. Offer subject to availability.

Redeem offer

To claim this free Mono tap offer, simply complete and submit the form by 31st May 2022.

What happens next?

  • We’ll be in touch to arrange an appointment
  • Our experts will talk through the process
  • Enjoy softened water everyday
  • Say goodbye to limescale and hello to cost savings, softer skin and hair plus longer lasting appliances!

FREE mono 3 in 1 tap offer

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