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A Harvey Water Softener keeps working, year after year. The only thing you’ll ever need to do is add salt when it runs out.


Find everything you need to know about ordering replacement salt for your water softener. 


You can also order by telephone between Monday - Friday, 9am and 5pm: 01483 753 402. Orders take between 2-5 working days to be delivered. 

Please note: we only deliver to the UK. Any orders placed from outside the UK will be cancelled and refunded. 

Block salt (8kg packs)

3 x 8kg packs


6 x 8kg packs


9 x 8kg packs


12 x 8kg packs


21 x 8kg packs


Washing Powder

x1 Dosing Bottle (60 washes)


Washing Powder 3 Dosing Bottles


Water Filter

HARVEY Replacement Drinking Water Filter (Phosphate / GAC)


Please be aware we have an automatic replacement subscription for filters. Before purchasing, we advise you to check and see if you have an active Direct Debit in place for a yearly replacement of your filter. If you are unsure or wish to set one up, please call 01483 753402. 

Frequently asked questions


The formation of deposits around the plumbing joints in central heating systems is caused by very slow water leaks. The water evaporates leaving behind the minerals that are in the water. They...

Using softened water will start to remove scale from your home in two weeks.

The amount of scale already in your home can affect how quickly softened water will get rid of it.


Salt is an essential that keeps your water softener running smoothly and supplying your home with softened water 24 hours a day.

A Harvey Water Softener works by removing the calcium and...

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