Terms & conditions

How does your 3-month trial work?

Have your water softener installed on a date that is convenient to you and your trial will begin on that day.

Start enjoying the wonderful benefits of softened water:

  1. Removes limescale and soap scum
  2. Luxuriously soft water
  3. Reduced energy bills
  4. Save money on your cleaning products
  5. Protection of appliances in the home; central heating, washing machine, dish washer etc
  6. Reduced cleaning time around the home

Approximately one full month after the installation of your Harvey Water Softener your first payment will be taken on the first day of the month:


Installation of your water softener on the 8 th August.

First payment will be the first working day of October.

We will write to you three months after the water softener has been fitted to find out how you are getting on with it, and how you would like to continue.

What are your choices?

1) Approximately 2% of customers want the unit removed.

This can be done at a convenient time for both you and one of our installers.

You will be refunded the full payment from the 3-month trial, reimbursed approximately one month after the removal of the unit.

2) Pay for the unit in full. Please call the office on 01483 753404 and the team will take payment (minus the payment from the 3-month trial).

3) Pay for the unit with interest free payments.

Call the office on 01483 753404 and we will alter your direct debit to your interest free payments (minus the payments from the 3-month trial).

4) Continuing to pay the monthly direct debit. This means you are renting the unit for as long as you want (the payment system will default to this choice if you do not contact us). You can buy the Harvey Softener at any point after the 3 months and we will take you off the trial payments.

We know you will be delighted with the fantastic benefits of having a Harvey Water Softener fitted in your home for years to come.