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Testimonial: Beyond the call of duty

We had one of your softeners installed on 28th April 2004. It is running smoothly and we are enjoying the benefits of soft water at last.

I have had several people here to look at our set up to see if we could install a softener and everyone has said that it would not be possible without digging up a very expensive quarry kitchen floor.

My reason for this letter is that without the persistance of your excellent plumber, we would not have succeeded on this occasion. First he located the stopcock in one of the cupboards, we had no idea where it was, and managed to saw a hole to enable him to identify which way the pipes ran. In our opinion, he went way beyond the call of duty and was first rate in every respect. I cannot compliment this young man enough for his courteous manner and his excellent plumbing skills.


Buckinghamshire Taplow